Women Hunters review


  • John W.    From WV 
    Well, I have had an opportunity to test the Archerrange out! I find it to be very accurate, easy to use and inexpensive! The best feature when compared to a laser rangefinder is that you don't have to try to find a hole through the brush to range an object! The pull rope/tape built in is convenient and tangle free! I give this product 2 thumbs up!  

    Brad W.    MS
    This season was my first to bowhunt. After buying 2 bows ( me and my son), the dough for a laser rangefinder was hard to come by. I heard about the ArcherRange from a friend. I got one and headed to the woods. When I got into the stand, I looked at the tape measure/pull up rope to determine I was 20' off the ground. I used the ArcherRange to determine a 20 yard boundary around my stand by ranging certain trees. The only thing left was to wait for a deer to come into range. Well, in the end I was able to use the ArcherRange to kill my first ever deer with a bow ( Fat Freezer Fillin Doe) . It was simple and easy to use ( even for a novice like me). Actually even now that it is gun season, I still take the ArcherRange with me to pull up my gear into the stand. I have bought ALOT of hunting junk in the past, and I usually believe in " You get what you pay for", but I was pleasantly surprised to get such a useful and valuable tool for a cheap price. I give it 5 out of 5 stars   

    Butch A.     VA
    I have not tried it/test it while bowhunting from my treestand. But I did at least give it a try (as weird as this sounds..- With help from my daughter who is home from college, we took a long piece of string, pre-measured to 60' (20 yards), and tied it to a small rock...... - I climbed up my ladder onto my back porch roof and unwound the tape measure until it touched the ground at 15'. (I used the height of my arms, as if drawing a bow - not where my feet are on the roof). - My daughter made sure the small rock didn't move and we made sure the distance was 15' up and 20 yards away, exact. - .....then using the "rifle sights" on the top of the Archer Range, I pressed the button and sighted on the small rock. I waited a few seconds and let go of the button. -Bingo! It displayed 20 yards in the side display graph. - Then I had my daughter go get my 30' (10 yards) tape measure and extended it out from the small rock and stand there. - I sighted on my daughters feet at now, 30 yards. - You guessed it... The Archer Range displayed 30 yards in the side display graph! I don't work for Archer Range or have no investment stocks - you know what I mean... I just wanted to try a little shameless plug for this really neat bowhunting tool. It really works!       

    Chris Baker
    On behalf of Bowhuntingohio.com I can say these range finders work Flawless I will have a review soon on our website. I have used alot of high-priced range finders and I wanted to try this one and it is accurate for less than fifty bucks. Most range finders like this sells for 300.00 to 500.00 even if you have a range finder this would make a great backup Range Finder .  

    Joshua M. MI
    Hey, thank you again for sending me an ArcherRange Rangefinder. I LOVE it. Right out of the package, it is simple to use and Accurate!! I posted the review on my website.        

    "Ok all, I just got myself a brand new Archer Rangefinder. Let me tell you what, for under $50 bucks, it is finally possible to own a dead on rangefinder. I used it in my backyard, and compared to a nikon rangefinder, i was getting the same yardage with both to all of my targets!! This Archer Rangefinder is an easy to use product. The directions on the back of the package is all that you need to learn to use this simple product, ACCURATELY!!! I have never used a rangefinder before, and as soon as i opened the package i was accurately ranging and shooting my targets. Please look at the website. It is honestly the best use of $50 i beleive anybody could use for bowhunting."
    Thanks again for a Great product!    

    Lon E. Lauber, Outdoor Photographer/Writer, FieldEditor for Bear Hunting Mag and a Contributor forBowhunter Magazine "For the budget minded bowhunter, the ArcherRange is the perfect solution for taking the guesswork out of trajectory on steep-angled shots.  If most of your bowhunting shot opportunities are from a tree stand and less than 50 yards, this simple, accurate, "manual" range finder is all you need.  Plus the built-in tape measure works great as a bow pull up rope!"